Who Gets The Seat?

This dude just got up because he saw a lot of women boarding this limited seats car.  Why did this young and very able dude beat them to it like… He has two women (one very grown) standing over him.  He knows he should be ashamed of himself.  Son and nephew, if you are reading this, don’t embarrass me in these streets…show the respect you were taught even when I’m not around.  It’s just the gentlemanly thing to do.  I know you do, but I had to put it out there for this boys momma.  She is somewhere feeling shame and can’t even figure out why.  I wondered what dude who gave up the seat is thinking.🤔

I must say, most men will offer their seat up to women, impaired, and elderly folk.  A lot of women, including me, give their seats up to the elderly, physically impaired, pregnant women, and anyone with babies or small kids.  The one that causes me pause sometimes is the elderly group.  What’s the cut off?  Most of the time it’s obvious when someone is in their 50s+, so that’s a no brainer – they get the seat.  But, I’m in my 40s and I’m not trying to give up my seat to some >30 year old whose extracurricular activities have caught up to her face, especially when I have all the junk I usually lug around.  Sometimes, I really can’t tell. I’m pretty sure I have given up my seat to some hard looking youngins and stayed seated for someone doing 50 fantastically.  Y’all need to start wearing age tags. lol

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