Mama said we can’t have no mo company 

Back on Marta and it’s too murch!  I got here earlier than I have in months and the platform is packed.  My standing spot and all spots near it were occupied so I had to stand further down…knowing I wouldn’t be able to get on my normal car.  It ended up being a blessing in disguise!  When the train pulled up, my normal car was pitch black.  So, all of those folks had to scramble to get to another car.  That’s what they get for standing in my spot!  😜

The train instantly filled up. I knew it was going to be a packed, damp, smelly ride so I prepared my nose for combat.  The next stop fully packed the train – even the aisles.  I considered giving this lady standing near me my seat, but decided against it when I looked closer and surmised that she was probably in her 40s (like me).  This is where those age tags would come in really handy.

The further we went, the more we started to look like sardines in this joint.  There was a serious traffic jam at the door every time the train stopped.  This dude who looks like Method Man has been standing at the door since the 2nd stop, so he’s been dealing with the traffic jams for a while. At the last stop, a man in casual business attire was attempting to board when Meth blocked the path and said, “Momma said we can’t have no mo company.”😂  Fortunately, J. Crew had a sense of humor too and laughed as Meth moved over so he could squeeze in. 😁


Painfully Polite

Being polite hurt my knees and made me lose my favorite seat.  Now, I’m sitting in the horrible perpendicular seat (P-seat) and this girl in front of me has been unwrapping this piece of candy for five damn minutes!  I feel like snatching it and throwing it at the other end of the train.😠  My knees are pressed in the tight space against the P-seat and I feel like I need to be wearing an age tag. Needless to say, I’m not a happy camper on this dreary day.

It all started with me being polite and standing back to let this older lady (no age tag needed) enter the train first.  I guess she was so used to folks rushing past her, she hesitated.  Once she boarded, she could not make up her mind on which seat she wanted…all while the seats were filling up from the other doors.  When she finally decided, it was the last good seat – MY SEAT.😩😩😩  I managed to keep a pleasant smile on my face…at least I hope it was.  It possibly was more deranged than I imagined though because deep down, I was mad at her.  lol

I was too engrossed in Facebook to notice when I got a new seat mate.  He was rather thin, so no hip rubbing took place.  He was quiet and still the entire ride.  My only qualm was he took too long to get up after I said excuse me to beat folks to the door.  That allowed at least 7 people get in front of me which made me get caught up in heavy stairs traffic.😡  I almost didn’t make it on the shuttle.  SEAT MATE GRADE: C (it was an A before he set me back)

So now I’m sitting on the shuttle next to a youngin smelling hella “loud”.  I don’t know much about dem tweeds, but his smells way worse than the girl’s did a few weeks ago.  I’m actually feeling sick to my stomach.  Didn’t he know he was going to work today?!!!  Walking in there smelling skunked out can’t be good for his career.  Last I checked, it wasn’t legal here.  Perhaps, it’s the only way he can deal with the people at his job.  But, if they are trying to figure out a reason to get rid of him, he is walking in with one today.  Someone really needs to make weed that smells like cologne for these folks who just can’t help themselves before work.  Hmmmmm👀👀👀


Who Gets The Seat?

This dude just got up because he saw a lot of women boarding this limited seats car.  Why did this young and very able dude beat them to it like… He has two women (one very grown) standing over him.  He knows he should be ashamed of himself.  Son and nephew, if you are reading this, don’t embarrass me in these streets…show the respect you were taught even when I’m not around.  It’s just the gentlemanly thing to do.  I know you do, but I had to put it out there for this boys momma.  She is somewhere feeling shame and can’t even figure out why.  I wondered what dude who gave up the seat is thinking.🤔

I must say, most men will offer their seat up to women, impaired, and elderly folk.  A lot of women, including me, give their seats up to the elderly, physically impaired, pregnant women, and anyone with babies or small kids.  The one that causes me pause sometimes is the elderly group.  What’s the cut off?  Most of the time it’s obvious when someone is in their 50s+, so that’s a no brainer – they get the seat.  But, I’m in my 40s and I’m not trying to give up my seat to some >30 year old whose extracurricular activities have caught up to her face, especially when I have all the junk I usually lug around.  Sometimes, I really can’t tell. I’m pretty sure I have given up my seat to some hard looking youngins and stayed seated for someone doing 50 fantastically.  Y’all need to start wearing age tags. lol